Thursday, 26 February 2015

Playerletsplaygames: SUBSCRIBE!

Hai guys!

I haven't posted for ages because of school camp (and other things...). In fact, this is only my second post and I am very, very sorry for that. I really should be more active. Anyways...this will be very quick since I am typing this in science class and we are doing a prac in about ten mins. (STOP READING WHAT I AM TYPING OVER MY SHOULDER.)

So my friend wanted to read my blog (surprising since nobody actually does). And he said he'd give me five skittles if I gave him the address for my blog. Now, I know that was such a rip-off, but hey, I'm a nice kid, alright?

Prac time! More after this.


Continuing from where I left off, I (being the nicest human being in existence) have decided to give his YouTube channel a shoutout.

LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to playerletsplaygames

(click to go to his channel)

He's lon0011 (the squeaky one XD) and the other guy is spitfyre144 (one of his friends).

It's about Minecraft, and one of the videos are HILARIOUS (4 Pillar Survival :: A Series of Unfortunate Events :: Bonus Episode)

(click to watch the video)

Although that might just be me. I find the weirdest things hysterically funny.


I'll try to post more often (but not so much that it's spam, teehee). For now, I have science homework to do, so goodbye! Comment, follow, keep reading, whatever.

~ ayumii

Monday, 9 February 2015

New Blog

Hai guys!

So this is my new blog (after my old one started acting up). Not that my old one got too many views anyway. I will probably be changing the blog name and website URL a LOT so don't get too worried if you can't find me. I'll notify you. Or Blogger will. Somehow.

This new blog needs a point, which my old one lacked (whoo, way to go me), so maybe I'll just post about my personal life until somebody wants me to post about a certain topic. You can just comment, y'know, and I'll post my reaction. Which will be a very funny reaction (for you, not for me, since I will be cowering in the corner, embarrassed)

If you would like to check out my previous blog (which sucked but anyhoo) it's

Let's see how many people read my blog and actually like it.