Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Hey everyone! I just thought I'd give everyone an update on my life because, well, everyone loves me, so there. Your argument is invalid.

Currently Reading 
"The Colour of Magic" - Terry Pratchett
"The Shadowhunter's Codex" - Cassandra Clare & Joshua Lewis

Currently Listening To
"Stardust" - MIKA
"WILD" & "FOOLS" - Troye Sivan
"Flares" - The Script

Currently Drawing 
Wendy & Carla from Fairy Tail

Currently Enjoying
Riding downhill
Being on holidays

Currently Eating
Raspberry & White Chocolate Yoghurt
Oranges (sidenote: I've been eating like five of these a day which is really not healthy XD)

Currently Watching (Anime-wise :P)
Fairy Tail
Detective Conan

What have you guys been up to lately?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Apologies + New Sketches

Hey guys, I've been really inactive and I haven't posted for more than a month. I'm really sorry about that. I'll try and squeeze in time to blog over my stack of assignments, but no guarantees. I'm on school holidays though, I should have a lot of time to blog. (If I don't, scream at me remind me in the comments.)

Here is a GIF as an apology.

I hope these sketches will keep you entertained until I write up a new post :)

Who plays Minecraft? (Ooh, ooh, me!!)
Well here is a cave spider (anime, of course. Everything must be anime!).

Anime version of my friend :)
RAAAH! Bet I scared you XD
Lucy Heartfilia with a look of pure anger on her face.

Continuing on with the Minecraftime
(Minecraft + Anime? Get it? Oh my gosh I'm so smart).
Here is a snow golem.

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Traitors by Tom Becker - A Book Review

~*~*Note: This is my first time doing a book review. Book report, sure. Done plenty of those. But book review? Let's wing it. So could you please please give me feedback on how to improve this? Thanks a bunch :)*~*~ 

Recently I picked up this book called "The Traitors" by Tom Becker. Let's get into the review before I start ranting and spoil everything :P

Adam Wilson has been caught kissing his best friend's girlfriend. The next day, he is sentenced to two hundred and seventy four years in the Dial, a special prison located in a dimension called "no-time", where a blink of an eye on Earth isn't even close to a couple of centuries in the Dial. Besides this factor, the Dial was specially made for people like Adam: traitors. Everyone in the Dial has betrayed someone. Life in the Dial can get pretty rough, and everyday it's a fight for survival, and escape...

Overall, this book was pretty good. The plot was hands-down fan-freaking-tastic. From the whole idea of the prison to all the characters, it had me on a roller-coaster ride 'till the end. And all the backstories and...don't even get me started, I'll be ranting for ages. Doughnut (one of the inmates) was my favourite character. Look out for him, he's a good lad ;)

Right. Now for the part I thought was absolutely terrible. Click the button below.

Click to Show/Hide Spoilers:
WHAT THE EVEN HECK ADAM WHY THE HECK DID YOU STAY WITH JESSICA ARE YOU CRAZY?! //takes deep breath// Okay, sorry 'bout that. But, Adam. ARE YOU STUPID. First of all, even if you're in love with her, SHE BETRAYED YOUR BUDDY. Ever heard of "pals before gals"? Secondly, you're stuck there forever. Sure, you're stuck with the girl you love, and you'll never age and blah blah blah. One small problem. Remember earlier when it was mentioned that The Quisling had broken down? Well. WHERE ARE YOU GONNA GET FOOD FROM, HUH? HUH? Whatchu gonna do when you eat all the food in the pantry?

(Please comment whether you enjoyed this review!)

Thanks everyone for 3111 pageviews! I never thought I'd get this far, haha. Here's a clue for y'all: square numbers. That's all I'm going to say ;)

Here are some fantabulous blogs you should visit :)

The Terrarian - A blog by my good friend Jason. He only started it yesterday, so it's fairly new.
Playerletsplaygames - A blog by my very good friend lon0011. (It'll be private when you go to it, but I'll persuade him to let it go public.) Chuck him a follow :)

Fly on,
(Maximum Ride fans will get this :P)

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Next Clue + TMI Tag

Are y'all ready for the next clue?

Good, because it's up. And this time, it's an easy one, because it's in this post.

So, this has popped up a lot recently around the blog-o-sphere, and, because I feel like being mainstream, I decided to do it XD

1) What are you wearing?
My school uniform.

2) Have you ever been in love?
Yep. IRL and fictional characters.

3) Have you ever had a terrible breakup?
Oh my god, when I had to hand Jace over to Clary...now that was something that you never want to see.

4) How tall are you?
Not tall enough.

5) How much do you weigh?
Every time I hold a helium balloon, I have to hold onto something, otherwise I'll fly away XD

6) Any tattoos?
I have a fake sparkly one somewhere :D

7) Any piercings?

8) OTP?

9) What is your favourite show?
Doctor Who! //fangirls//

10) Who are your favourite bands?
The Script! Coldplay!

11) Something you miss?
Homework that doesn't take three weeks to complete :(

12) Favourite song?
Electric Angel - Kagamine Len & Rin (BTW, it's a J-Pop song)

13) How old are you?

14) Zodiac sign?
Leo :D

15) Quality you look for in a partner?
Caring, can make me laugh, loyal.

16) What is your favorite quote?

17) Who is your favorite actor?
Any actor from Doctor Who.

18) Favorite colour?
TARDIS blue!

19) Loud music or soft?
Soft, I guess.

20) Where do you go when you're sad?
To my room, to cry. Or sometimes I go all blank and pretend I'm tired when there's nowhere to go.

21) How long does it take you to shower?
Depends. It ranges from 10 minutes to half an hour :P

22) How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
Ages. Dragging myself out of bed takes an hour.

23) Have you ever been in a physical fight?
I wish! Nope.

24) Turn ons?
Smiles a lot, funny, texts me first.

25) Turn offs?
Talks only about themselves, answers everything with "k", hurts people intentionally then calls it a joke.

26) The reason you joined the blogging community?
So I could share the side of me no one sees.

27) What are your fears?
What lurks in the dark, blood when it's related to hospitals (blood in tubes, blood in packets, just thinking about it makes me squeamish), being truly alone.

28) The last movie that made you cry?
Red Dog.

29) Last time you said you loved someone?
Today :)

30) Meaning behind your blog name?
It was meant to confuse people :P

31) Last book you read?
"When Dogs Cry" - Markus Zusak

32) The book you're currently reading?
"Blood Land" - R.S. Guthrie

33) The last show you watched?
Merlin. (And I am addicted now.)

34) Last person you talked to?
My very very close friend.

35) The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
Read above :)

36) What is your favorite food?
Ice-cream! Sushi!

37) Place you want to visit?
France or Japan.

38) Last place you were?
In my bedroom, eating Skittles.

39) Do you have a crush?
Nope. Unless you count fictional characters (SIMON).

40) Last time you kissed someone?
I kissed somebody virtually today. Don't judge XDD

41) Last time you were insulted?
Today. "You're soooo manipulative!" Excuse me, I'm just very persuasive, thank you very much. XD

42) Favorite flavour or sweet?

43) What instrument do you play?
I did play the trumpet for a bit, although I was horrible at it :D

44) Favorite piece of jewellery?
A bracelet I made that says "Fangirl".

45) The last sport you played?
Basketball! (And if Wii Sports counts, then bowling.)

46) Last song you sang?
"Bad Blood" - Taylor Swift

47) Favourite pick up line?
You must be a time lord, because you have two hearts...yours and mine :D

48) Have you ever used it?
Hahahahahaha no.

49) Last time you hung out with anyone?
If school counts, then I hung out with people at school.

50) Who should answer these questions next?
Anybody who wants to do it :)

Thank you everyone for 21 followers!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The First Clue


The first clue is up.

Oh, were you expecting a big, flashing neon sign that said "Clue One:" in big bold letters? Well, too bad! These clues are subtle, silent, and stealthier than a drunk ninja in high heels. It's up to you to find out what's different on my blog...

(By the way, I'll try to make it hard, but not too hard. Like, I totally won't go into one of my posts and underline a certain word. Why would I do that?)

Once again, good luck. (And remember, plaster the picture everywhere!)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

I'm Back! + Birthday Challenge

Your favourite blogger is back! Bigger (like, literally XD) and better, with a new and improved ego the size of an overfed African elephant. (I am also recovering from an overdose on Skittles and Maltesers, but that's besides the point.) I have returned! Did y'all miss me? Of course you did.

And, I have more good news. Aren't I generous? Normally, I just complain about my boring, drab life. But this time, I have decided to give you two, yes, that's right, two pieces of good news. In one post! //audience glares//

The suspense...the anticipation...

My birthday is coming up! //shoots confetti everywhere//

But...I'm not telling you when! That's right, I'm that evil. I'm making y'all guess. Presenting...Ayumii's Birthday Challenge!

I lost the credits for the background pic...

I will release clues somewhere on my blog. (I don't know how many I'll release yet, so it may range from one to fifty XD) It's up to you to find them, and figure out which day my birthday is on. Before you ask, it's in August. So it could be any of the thirty-one days, including this one.

So, the rules.
  1. SPREAD THIS CHALLENGE AND THE PICTURE EVERYWHERE. I'd beg, but I have servants to do that for me. So, instead, I'm asking you veeeery nicely.
  2. You have a maximum of three guesses. 
  3. You can either guess in the comment box below, or you can do a little side post thing underneath your main post. (Just remember to direct me to your blog if you do end up posting it on your blog.)
I will reveal the date at the end of the month. The winners will receive a shoutout and a guest post. Prizes are negotiable.

The first clue will be up in the next 24 hours.

Good luck.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Blogging Break

Hey guys.

I'm going to be taking a blogging break. I don't know when I'll be back. Life just isn't working out for me at the moment. (Don't worry, it's nothing too serious.)

I'll be back with a whole heap of new posts, and hopefully a whole load of ideas.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Songs for a Sad Playlist

So, summer is here for most people.  Not for me though...it's freezing and my parents won't turn the heater on :(

Back to the point. Summer playlists are popping up everywhere on the blogosphere. And what do I say about that? Too mainstream.

So I present to you my Sad and Depressing Playlist, for all your emo needs. No commentary this time, even though I know you all love my commentary :3

Not About Angels (From The Fault in Our Stars) - Birdy
Skinny Love - Birdy
Wings - Birdy
Let It Go - Elsa James Bay
Fix You - Coldplay
The Scientist - Coldplay
A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Please Don't Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin
The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin
All I See is Gold - Bridgit Mendler
Circles - Passenger
All the Little Lights - Passenger
Let Her Go - Passenger
Love Will Remember - Selena Gomez
Latch (Acoustic) - Sam Smith

I'm going to be redesigning my blog button, but you can still use the old one.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Awards & Tags

Hey guys!

Today I've got some tags and awards that I should probably do before I lose them in my draft folder for all of eternity...so let's get started!

What's the Plan Tag
Thank you Sarah from The Joys of Life for tagging me!

- Answer the questions below
- Tag anyone else
- Make one other question for the people you tag
- Have fun!

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Gotta catch 'em all! Okay, okay, besides that, I would probably like to be either an author or a manga artist.
What college or university do you want to go to?
I don't think I want to worry about that just yet. High school is already doing me in -.-

Do you want to get married?
The question should be: Does anyone want to marry you? The answer to both questions is no. I'm afraid no boy can stand having me around for more than two minutes without screaming internally in fear/annoyance. One of the two.

Do you want to have children?
//cough// No. Pesky little brats.

Apartment or House?
Mansion. //eyes glitter greedily// Yeah, I'd prefer a house. After all, I need somewhere to put my 37 cats ^.^

Besides my future cats, I really really want a kitten. I had a yabby but I was too busy with an English essay and I forgot to didn't feed it.

Car or Van?
Van! Wherever I go, my cats go :D

My question is: If you got caught up in World War III, what would you do?

The Creative Blogger Award
Thank you Hannah from The Tales of My Life for nominating me!

- Share 5 facts about you
- Tag/nominate 5 other blogs
- Have fun!

1) I have recently become addicted to Terraria! Still a noob though -.-

This is a screenshot. So lucky ^.^
2) You know how most some people are addicted to coffee? Well, I'm addicted to cans of lemon honey tea from Daiso. Those things are amazing. 

3) I can't feel as warm as other people. So if it was a scorching hot day, and everyone was prancing around in shorts, thongs, and summery attire, you'd find me shivering in a fluffy jacket with the hood pulled over my head.

4) Even though I am a Whovian, I own no Doctor Who merchandise. The situation is so sad, I have to cry myself to sleep :(
I have spray-painted a picture of the TARDIS travelling through time and space though.

5) Sad songs make me happy. It doesn't matter what my mood is, but just listening to a sad song makes me feel better. I'm a sad, sad, person...

Thanks again Sarah and Hannah!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

How To Escape From a Zombie Apocalypse!

  **Thanks for 2097 pageviews!**

Well, by the time you've finished reading this, spiders will be small talk compared to zombies.

Rule #1: Zombies are slow. 
See one in the distance? RUN! See one stalking you? RUN! See one brandishing a hatchet and riding a unicycle towards you? In that case, laugh, cause it'll probably kill itself accidentally anyway. Don't worry about not being able to outrun them, because you can.

Rule #2: Zombies multiply.
Don't panic! I'm not here to explain to you how zombies make more of their kind (which can be interpreted whichever way you like XD), but if you see one zombie...there is definitely more in the area. So be on the lookout.

Rule #3: Zombies are dumb.
There's a big difference between you and a zombie. You've got a brain, and they don't (which is precisely why they're chasing you in the first place). Well? You weren't given that brain for nothing! Use your wit. Outsmart them. Do something smart like climb up an apple tree. Hey, you've got food weapons, and a shelter all in one! And I'll bet you zombies can't climb a tree to save their lives (XD).

Pep-talk Rule #4: Don't feel sorry for the zombies!
Don't give me the whole "But they were once humans too!" scenario. You think they're gonna feel your sympathy? You think they're gonna feel the pain that you feel for them? You think they're going to stop going after you just because you pity them? Um, gurl, whatchu thinking?! Run, for god's sake! Don't try to reason with them, make friends with them, or hypnotise them.

Rule #5: If you become a zombie...
Well, it was inevitable. You've survived a couple of weeks, months, years maybe. And now, you're a zombie. Don't worry, now you can have some fun! Go chase those humans. Stagger around like a complete idiot. And remember, if there are plants standing in your way and attacking you on someone's lawn, EAT THEM.

99.9% guaranteed chance of survival if you follow this guide.

If you are in doubt that this amazing guide doesn't work, here is a quiz to see how long you would survive in a zombie apocalypse. But you're better off with my guide, just saying. //tosses hair//

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


"It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well."
-Albus Dumbledore
(to Harry)

Sometimes, I'm so glad most people that read my blog don't know me IRL. The people who do read it are nice people. Very very nice people. In fact, they're so nice, that after they read this post they won't come up to me and start shoving balloons in my face.

Here are some of my phobias. Just, y'know, conveniently there in case you need to blackmail me in the future.
  **Note: I can't put any other pictures in besides the balloon picture because the others scare me so much TTvTT

Globophobia ~ fear of balloons

I hate balloons. Hate hate hate 'em. I don't get how people can stand them! They're feral, they are. They're just waiting for you to drop your guard and then BAM! They explode in your face. This extends to water balloons as well, but not the throwing part (who doesn't like destruction by water balloon?!) For future reference, I will cry if you come near me with a balloon.

Ligyrophobia/Phonophobia ~ fear of loud noises
This is probably related to the whole balloon phobia thing. I can't stand sudden loud noises. Even if I'm expecting them. Stuff like balloons popping unexpectedly (nasty foul creatures) or party poppers going off.

Coulrophobia ~ fear of clowns
This is a recent fear: after watching Poltergeist (2015 remake), I am seriously scared of clowns. I've never found them creepy before, but after seeing the movie, I was expecting clowns to jump out at me from every crack and crevice. Brr.

Hemophobia ~ fear of blood
I don't like seeing other people bleeding. It scares me, especially if I'm friends with them. I'm fine with watching myself bleed, or watching people die from blood loss in a movie (it's quite amusing, actually XD). 

Nyctophobia ~ fear of the dark
Let me get one thing straight: I am not scared of the dark. I am scared of what's in it. Especially after watching horror movies (or trailers, for that matter: oh my god, Insidious 3 //faints//) or the occasional creepy Doctor Who episode. However, I refuse to sleep with a teddy bear. It's too damaging to my dignity.

Well, that's it. What are you scared of?

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Ahhh I haven't posted in ages! (As quoted by one of my friends, "What the hell is taking you so long to post, it's been over a week!") In fact, it's been almost two weeks...

First, I need ideas. I'm right in the middle; I don't want to go on a blogging break, but I'm losing my creative streak. So give me your souls I mean ideas!

Secondly, I've finished all my assignments, so I will have more time to blog, probably twice a week instead of once.

And finally, here are some things.

Poem #3
(My friend pleaded with me to post this on my blog. I said no. But here it is, so if you're reading this right now, you're not allowed to tell me to hurry up at my locker for a week.)

It doesn't take much to hide how broken you are.

A carefully placed smile.
A half-hearted joke.
A dead body.

No one will notice.
That's all it takes.

That's all it ever takes.

(Here are some doodles and stuff I did in my spare time.)

I didn't finish her...whoops. I couldn't be bothered,
that's why there is no shading.
Her legs are so fat nyuuh
Also no shading..
You can't really see the back of the hat...stupid lighting.
This is a girl wearing a creeper hoodie.
Okay guys, this is Lucy Heartfilia from the anime, Fairy Tail.
That symbol up in the corner is the guild mark.
Harry Potter Series
Well, I'm so close to finishing the HP series, and I have to say that I'm obsessed with yet another book series. But I don't think I really have the right to fangirl over HP just yet, since I'm not finished yet. I also have to watch all the movies, cause movies. 

I know I should have read the series earlier, and I regret not doing that. When I was little, I picked Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone up, turned to the first page with my pudgy little fingers, read the first chapter, and (you may throw tomatoes at my younger self) said I DIDN'T LIKE IT. I haven't picked it up until this year (you may also throw tomatoes at me).

I shall keep you updated on this new obsession.


And now, I am off to watch Fairy Tail (and do more homework...//sighs//). I'll try and post tomorrow!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Epic Games You Should Play (With Tips from Ayumii)

I am a procrastinator. Yes, I won't deny it. I refuse to do work when games obviously have the higher priority. These are some games that will definitely leave you addicted, trust me. Plus, I have also taken the chance to boast about how OP (over-powered) I am.

This is me (7AQ Neko) chasing after number six on the leaderboard. As you can see, I'm currently super OP and at number two on the leaderboard.

  **Please keep in mind that this game DOES allow explicit usernames, which may upset younger players.

Aim: This is a game where you try and eat the smaller dots, meanwhile making yourself bigger. The bigger you are, the slower. There is really no winner, it's just the kind of game that gets you all power-hungry. However, if you get on the Top 10 leader board, you will usually be pretty OP.

Controls: There are only three controls. You use your mouse to move around, space to split (into halves) and W to drop some of your mass.

Highlights: You can eat other players, that are smaller than you. Being the evil entity I am, you have absolutely no idea how much fun I had targeting my victims and absorbing them. 

Tips: Don't after chase after the smaller ones, you won't be able to catch up. Instead, judge their size, and your size. If you're twice as big, and they're worth eating, point your mouse in their direction and hit space to split. One half of you will surge forward and absorb it (ohoho //evil laugh//). You'll merge back together when one half of you becomes bigger than the other. Try to make friends with the bigger ones. Stay away at first, but drop some of your mass (W key). They will come to absorb it and create a truce. If you're the one being fed, accept the gift, guard them, then eat them later. 

Sorry if it's a bit hard to read. In this game, I am playing Jaina Proudmoore, the mage. The opponent is playing Thrall, the shaman.
  **If you are getting the game, you will need to download a launcher called Battle.net first. Don't worry, both are free. Also, if you want to add me so we can 1v1, my battletag (username) is nekochan#1221.

Aim: Oh, gosh. This is a bit hard to explain. But basically you're involved in a battle of cards that contain minions and spells and you have to destroy your opposition. Have a look at the annotated gameplay above (which depicts me being OP :D). When you get the game, it will show you what to do, so don't stress. It's pretty easy after a while.

Controls: Look at the annotated gameplay. Right click on your hero to "chat".

Highlights: You can play different heroes (wizards)! Each hero has his/her own special cards that only he/she can play. You can also have custom decks, where you get to pick out which cards are in the deck. 

  **I recommend you should probably get the hang of the game first, before looking at the tips section, otherwise you may not understand what I'm talking about.

Tips: In Hearthstone, no amount of minions is too much! Put out as many as the game will let you (I don't know the limit yet XD). Don't focus on your enemy's minions. Focus on them! Remember, you need to beat them, not the minion. But make sure you have at least two or three minions guarding you, ready to do damage. Never use all your cards at once (unless you're super OP and you have more than eight or nine mana). Leave two or three so you still have some tricks up your sleeve.

Plants VS Zombies 2
Sorry I couldn't get some gameplay happening.

Aim: Okay, I think everyone knows the point already. Just for those who are uninformed, you have traveled back in time, trying to protect your brain from being eaten by zombies. You have special plants to aid you, who attack the zombies or give you boosts or whatever. Your next door neighbour is called Crazy Dave and he occasionally helps you do stuff.

Controls: Since this is an app, all you kinda need is your finger...

Highlights: What makes it different from the first PvZ? Well, for one, there's plant food! If you haven't played the game, plant food gives your plant a temporary boost. Each plant reacts differently to it. There are also different time periods you can play in, like Ancient Egypt, Dark Ages, and Far Future just to name a few. As with the first game, there is a Zen Garden, but this one gives boosts. A boosted plant will act as if it had been given plant food as soon as it had been planted.

Tips: Always, always have walnuts or some kind of defensive plant on your team. It is very, very hard to win without a walnut. Don't focus on one lane. Try to keep your eyes on every lane. If you have plant food and you're in a tight situation, use it! Also, I know the game tells you to at least have three sunflowers, I recommend five, because three is still really slow.

Well, that's it! These games are all free, and Agar.io is web-based, so you have no excuse not to play them! Now go be OP and beat the living daylights outta those dots/enemy heroes/zombies! Oh, and have fun.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Poem #2

Oh, I can ignore you.
Just you watch.

It's not like your sweet voice draws me in.
It's not like your whispers mean anything to me.
It's not like I want to be wrapped up in your arms, safe and sound.

Nothing of the sort.
Not at all.

I can ignore you.
Just you watch.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Lauryn Tag

  **If you are following me currently, or follow me later, your button/link will or has been added to the buttons page (if you have a blog, of course). It's the least I can do for my amazing Adipose Army!
  **My blog will be a bit of a mess in the next few days/weeks while I try to find a better design. Plus, I will try and learn some basic coding so I can play around with the design XD

Hey guys!

I've been tagged by Lauryn from Welcome to My World to do The Lauryn Tag.

The Lauryn Tag

Do you know any Lauryns or Laurens (OTHER THAN ME)?
I don't think so. Nothing springs to mind.

Are you famous in any way?
Well, I was on the news in the background for something that they were filming at my primary school. I also walked past the cameras deliberately once or twice with my friends at a basketball game. I guess blogging has also made me demi-semi-famous, heheh. There's probably something else that I can't remember though.

What is your favourite song?
Currently, it's Interviewer by Megurine Luka, and Fireflies by Owl City.

Favourite celebrity?
Hatsune Miku(!), David Tennant, Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate, Carey Mulligan, John Barrowman, and all the other Doctor Who actors. I'm sorry, but they're all favourites! //fangirls// I mean, you can't not fangirl when you see this!

You just can't! Try not fangirling. I dare you.
That's it.

I tag anyone who wants to do this.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Blog Button Text Box Tutorial

I have gotten a request for a tutorial on how to do the text box with the code for your button underneath the blog button (do you understand me? Hopefully you understand me). So without further ado, here it is!
  **I am still using Windows, Google Chrome, and Blogger as a platform. Again, you may not be able to follow this easily if you're using something different.
  **I am basing this on my tutorial on how to make a blog button, which can be found here.
  **I will do a tutorial on another platform if requested.

Once you have your button, you're going to want to share it, right?

First off, you can put it in the sidebar. Go into your dashboard, and click the "Layout" tab. Click "Add a Gadget" where you want it to be, then scroll down 'till you see this nifty little thing.

It should open up a box like this.

This is the coding you shall need to put into the content box.

<img src="YourButtonImageURL" alt="YourSiteTitle" /><div style="width: 123px; height: 125px; overflow: auto; border: 1px solid #666666;">&lt;a href=&#34;YourSiteURL&#34; target=&#34;_blank&#34;&gt;&lt;img src=&#34;YourButtonImageURL&#34; alt=&#34;YourSiteTitle&#34; width=&#34;125&#34; height=&#34;125&#34; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</div>

Confused? Yeah, me too (don't ask XD). Here is how I think it all fits together:

<img src="..." ~ This is where you tell the code where to get the image from.

alt="..." ~ This is where you tell the code what to say if the image is invalid. So it will show a little mini textbox with your blog name, if the picture isn't working.

<div style="..." ~ This is where you tell the code what to make the little text box look like, and what to say in it.
                             The numbers in blue ~ these change the width and height of the box. Play around with these.

Replace the bold bits with your own.

For example, mine would look like this:

<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-a_hnTvGpf_M/VTMT_Z1c6jI/AAAAAAAAAVA/Ay9aDF0AbVg/h120/Blog%2BButton.jpg" alt="ThisBlogDoesNotEvenExist" /><div style="width: 123px; height: 125px; overflow: auto; border: 1px solid #666666;">&lt;a href=&#34;http://thisblogdoesnotevenexist.blogspot.com.au/&#34; target=&#34;_blank&#34;&gt;&lt;img src=&#34;https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-a_hnTvGpf_M/VTMT_Z1c6jI/AAAAAAAAAVA/Ay9aDF0AbVg/h120/Blog%2BButton.jpg" alt="ThisBlogDoesNotEvenExist&#34; alt=&#34;ThisBlogDoesNotEvenExist&#34; width=&#34;125&#34; height=&#34;125&#34; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</div>

Make sure that the quotes (") are straight. If they're curved, just type them in again.

Yeaaah, it's a handful, I know.

Alright, just paste that into the contents box, click save, and you should be good to go!

If you want to put it in a post, or a page, all you have to do is paste the code into the HTML tab up the top left corner:

I hope this tutorial helped! Thank you to the amazing Niranjana (is that what I call you?) from Drowning in This Sunlight for the request!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

14 Followers + Another story?

I have fourteen followers! Allow me a minute to scream. //takes deep breath// AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Thank you, my Adiposian Army! //blows kisses// Together, we shall conquer all!

I will be putting an anime tutorial (how to draw) up as soon as I finish it. I am also drowning in homework and assignments and such right now. Ah, high school. How I hate you. Until then, please accept this humble offering of a story, oh wonderful readers, to make up for my inactivity.


Pia's evil always overloaded on Mondays. They were particularly stressful, with the examinations coming up, and no time given to study. She couldn't help it, of course. She was just like all the others, venting their evil in the worst possible places, which happened to be school. And rule number one of avoiding a dreaded detention was do not, under any circumstances, unleash your evil under a teacher's nose.

Well, being Pia, she went ahead and did that anyway.

"What do you get if you add a dash of rubrix to algebraic expression thirty-nine?"

Pia glared. "Oh, I don't know, miss. A case of the jinx, maybe. The fact is, nobody knows, and you're putting this on our examination. You've given us no time to study. At all. You call this fair? And we're meant to pass this examination?" A good amount of evil was mixed with the mini-rant, and it was enough for the teacher to notice.

"I smell...evil. Evil, in those words..." the teacher sniffed the air.

"Oh, now you've done it, Pia." I heard whispers in the background. "Pia, what are you thinking?!" More bewildered, hushed whispers.

"I. Smell. EVIL!" the teacher bellowed.

Pia wasn't the least bit scared. She would be, later, when balance returned to her soul and good and evil were at equal levels. But right now, evil was flooding through her every vein and she grinned, taking on the challenge.

"Class, you know what that means." she snapped her head back to look directly at Pia.

Eyes blazing, she yelled.




Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I'm a Bad Blogger/Emoji Tag

I'm sorry for being so inactive! And I'm sorry for any future inactiveness (is that a word?) that is to come. I've fallen sick lately (I suspect a case of demon pox), and I haven't really been healing very well. And I totally don't deserve this, but I have 1160 pageviews! What the what?!

I feel like I should do something special to celebrate this, but I don't know what (I'm such a bad blogger, ugh).

Miss Internet has tagged me for the Emoji Tag! The five emojis that best describe me would be...


Music is my escape. It's an essential to life. If there was no music, I'd be dead. On the floor, face-blown-off-with-a-grenade kind of dead. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO LIVE WITHOUT MUSIC, HUH? //death glares//


Crystal Ball
Okay, I'm one of those people who believe in horoscopes, astrology, magic, starsigns, spells, all that stuff. What? I find them pretty interesting. And the funny thing is, they come true most of the time. Plus, Hogwarts. Just Hogwarts.


Ice Cream
If you wanted to kill me, all you had to do was poison a tub of ice-cream and then offer it to me. Being the greedy pig I am, I'd scoff it up in a matter of five seconds. My unhealthy obsession with soft serves are going to make me FAT. But I don't care. They taste amazing.


Project looking dull? Add sparkles! Ice cream looking less delicious than usual? Add sparkles! Humongous pimple the size of Mount Vesuvius? Add sparkles! Sparkles make everything look better. Sparkles are life!

I don't like my laugh. It sounds like I'm choking on something. But I have to live with it, since I find most things just hilariously, over-the-top funny. It's sad, I know. You can usually find me recovering from my outburst of laughter in a corner. Whatever you do, don't talk to me, because I will make funny, strangled duck noises and you will not like it.

And that's it. Five emojis that describe me. Again, sorry for the inactivity (curse you, demon pox). Have a good day.


Monday, 27 April 2015

I Don't Like Pools

  **I have joined a new group blog called The Blogger's Blog. Go check it out :)

I really, really do not like pools. Well, maybe not so much the pool. I just don't like what you have to do in a pool, which is swim.

I do not like swimming.

And I never will.

Now, I respect all you swimmers out there. I really do. The ability to swim fifty metres with a single breath while looking like a majestic emperor penguin is quite amazing. Unfortunately I do not have that astounding ability, and as a result I look like a mutant dolphin-toad crossover with a missing dorsal fin trying to do the moonwalk horizontally. Trust me, you'll be mentally blinded forever. Also, I get to the five metre mark and I swallow about a ton of water. Like, seriously, is it that hard to swim? 

The answer is YES.

And the worst part? I had to swim ten laps. Ten fur-reaking laps. Ten up-and-downs. Ten to-and-back trips of torture (alliteration! My english teacher would be proud). I had endure several weird glances from the people in the slow lane. I swear I hit about twenty people with my flailing arms and legs. 

The moral of the story //cough// rant //cough//: Ayumii cannot swim.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Blog Button Tutorial

I have gotten a couple of requests to do a blog button tutorial, so here. //shoves tutorial in your face//
  **Note: This tutorial was made for Windows, with Google Chrome and Blogger. You may not be able to follow this easily if you are using other platforms. 
  **Note: I will put up a tutorial using another platform, if requested.

Making the Button

First of all, you will need a picture to act as your blog button. Don't make it too big. I recommend 175 x 175 pixels, but you can go bigger than that. Just don't make it too big, otherwise it'll look like your button swallowed everything in existence (webpage-wise).

To make your picture, you can use programs like Photoshop, PicMonkey, etc. I used an online editor called Ribbet (which is basically Picnik 2.0, if you've ever heard of the program Picnik). It's a little limited without the premium stuff, but it gets the job done. 

I personally like the stickers that they have.
What do you put on your button? Your blog title (well, obviously), your subtitle if you have one (and can fit it on the button) and a background that suits the blog. If you're unsure, I could always help. Just send me an SOS in the comments and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Uploading the Button

Now comes the coding part. This is where you will need your button URL. In order to get it, you will need to upload your button image to a site like TinyPic (which stores images). Once it is uploaded, just right click the picture and click on "Copy Image URL".

Paste the link into Notepad or Microsoft Word, and make sure you don't lose it. 

This is the code you will need.

<a href="http://www.YourBlogURL.com"><img src="http://www.YourButtonImageURL.jpg" /></a>

I don't understand a lot about this, but I know this much:

<a href="..."> ~ this is the bit where you tell the button where you want it to go. The URL will be the link to your blog.

<img src="..."/> ~ this is the bit where you tell the button where to get the picture from. Put the link that you previously saved in Notepad or a word document here.

</a> ~ this is how you end the code.

<a href= "http://thisblogdoesnotevenexist.blogspot.com"><img src="http://i58.tinypic.com/2a6wbj8_th.jpg" /></a>

  **Important: Make sure that the quotes (") are straight, not curved. If they're curved, just type them in again.

To put it in a blog post (remember that I am using Blogger as a platform), you need to click a little tab up the top that says "HTML". 

It might look a little confusing, but don't worry. Just input the code at the bottom, and switch back to the compose tab. Hopefully, you should see your button. Now, click preview and test the button. Does your page refresh? If so...


Well done! If you have any problems, just comment and I'll try and troubleshoot for you. Also, I was thinking of starting up a "Buttons" page, so comment if you want your button up there!