Monday, 27 April 2015

I Don't Like Pools

  **I have joined a new group blog called The Blogger's Blog. Go check it out :)

I really, really do not like pools. Well, maybe not so much the pool. I just don't like what you have to do in a pool, which is swim.

I do not like swimming.

And I never will.

Now, I respect all you swimmers out there. I really do. The ability to swim fifty metres with a single breath while looking like a majestic emperor penguin is quite amazing. Unfortunately I do not have that astounding ability, and as a result I look like a mutant dolphin-toad crossover with a missing dorsal fin trying to do the moonwalk horizontally. Trust me, you'll be mentally blinded forever. Also, I get to the five metre mark and I swallow about a ton of water. Like, seriously, is it that hard to swim? 

The answer is YES.

And the worst part? I had to swim ten laps. Ten fur-reaking laps. Ten up-and-downs. Ten to-and-back trips of torture (alliteration! My english teacher would be proud). I had endure several weird glances from the people in the slow lane. I swear I hit about twenty people with my flailing arms and legs. 

The moral of the story //cough// rant //cough//: Ayumii cannot swim.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Blog Button Tutorial

I have gotten a couple of requests to do a blog button tutorial, so here. //shoves tutorial in your face//
  **Note: This tutorial was made for Windows, with Google Chrome and Blogger. You may not be able to follow this easily if you are using other platforms. 
  **Note: I will put up a tutorial using another platform, if requested.

Making the Button

First of all, you will need a picture to act as your blog button. Don't make it too big. I recommend 175 x 175 pixels, but you can go bigger than that. Just don't make it too big, otherwise it'll look like your button swallowed everything in existence (webpage-wise).

To make your picture, you can use programs like Photoshop, PicMonkey, etc. I used an online editor called Ribbet (which is basically Picnik 2.0, if you've ever heard of the program Picnik). It's a little limited without the premium stuff, but it gets the job done. 

I personally like the stickers that they have.
What do you put on your button? Your blog title (well, obviously), your subtitle if you have one (and can fit it on the button) and a background that suits the blog. If you're unsure, I could always help. Just send me an SOS in the comments and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Uploading the Button

Now comes the coding part. This is where you will need your button URL. In order to get it, you will need to upload your button image to a site like TinyPic (which stores images). Once it is uploaded, just right click the picture and click on "Copy Image URL".

Paste the link into Notepad or Microsoft Word, and make sure you don't lose it. 

This is the code you will need.

<a href=""><img src="http://www.YourButtonImageURL.jpg" /></a>

I don't understand a lot about this, but I know this much:

<a href="..."> ~ this is the bit where you tell the button where you want it to go. The URL will be the link to your blog.

<img src="..."/> ~ this is the bit where you tell the button where to get the picture from. Put the link that you previously saved in Notepad or a word document here.

</a> ~ this is how you end the code.

<a href= ""><img src="" /></a>

  **Important: Make sure that the quotes (") are straight, not curved. If they're curved, just type them in again.

To put it in a blog post (remember that I am using Blogger as a platform), you need to click a little tab up the top that says "HTML". 

It might look a little confusing, but don't worry. Just input the code at the bottom, and switch back to the compose tab. Hopefully, you should see your button. Now, click preview and test the button. Does your page refresh? If so...


Well done! If you have any problems, just comment and I'll try and troubleshoot for you. Also, I was thinking of starting up a "Buttons" page, so comment if you want your button up there!


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Blog Button

I have created a majestical blog button that hopefully works.

Is it working? It should be working. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be working (apart from the fact that a blindfolded monkey with three fingers could program better than me). Okay, if it doesn't work, please tell me. I am so bad with all this coding stuff. Gosh. //crosses fingers// please work. Blog Button Gods, if you can hear me now, please let this thing work!

I'll try and get a "Grab My Button" sidebar thingy up too, so be warned. More horrible programming coming your way :D


Saturday, 18 April 2015



When I look
At your face
All I see

Beautifully spun
Your glistening web
                                of lies.


Why did it have to be this way?
Why did you do this
To me


I didn't even know what that was...I just wrote something while my creative juices were flowing, heheh. I don't even think it makes sense...ah well. That's my brain for you XD 
Check out the pageview counter at the bottom too. It's on 694, thank y'all so so much! 


Friday, 17 April 2015

How To Tell When Somebody Is Lying

I haven't posted in a week...gosh, you must all be so bored. I may only have time to post on the weekends since my life is going a bit hectic lately. But here is...A POST! //dun dun DUN//

How To Tell When Somebody is Lying

They don't look you in the eyes. They might once or twice, but it might be hard for them to maintain eye contact with you. Or the opposite. They may stare at you too much, with a cold and steady gaze. Really fast blinking is also a sign.

They repeat statements, because they want to insist that it's the truth. It also helps them to stall for time to let themselves think of more lies to back up the original lie.

They shuffle their feet. It means they want you to hurry up the interrogation and get the hell outta there. They're probably also nervous.

They get defensive if you refuse to believe the lie. Something along the lines of "Well, I didn't do it! What's it to you anyway? Stop picking on me!"

Look at their eye movements. If they're right handed, and they're remembering something, their eyes will move up and to the left. If they're making something up, however, their eyes will move up and to the right. Vice versa for left-handers. Don't use this as your only form of verification though. Check with the other facts.

Check which way they're leaning. Towards you means they are comfortable with what they're saying and they have nothing to hide. Leaning backwards probably means that they want to get out of it.

Interesting Little Gem I Discovered That May Not Actually Be True But This Is Based On My Own Experiences: If you have Skype, and you have signed in to it on a mobile device at least once, then whenever you go offline, your status shows as away (the yellow clock). So when you switch to invisible...I KNOW YOU'RE STILL ONLINE, PANSYCAKE (anyone see the Divergent reference there XD). So don't tell me you have to go when you don't because I can see what you're doing...//stalker face//

So yep, real quick post on the art of lying :)


Friday, 10 April 2015

More (Slightly) Useless Information About Meh

I got this (tag? I'm not sure of all the terminology, I'm still kinda new XD) from Mae over at Super Swankified (go check it out, her blog is pretty swanky :D), and it's more (false) information about me...because I still have my paranoia of creepy old men stalking me over the internet. Here goes...

Vital Stats -
Name - Ayumii
Nicknames - Hmm, I used to have this atrocious hairstyle and my friend started calling me "Bunny". Otherwise it's either "You There!", "Emo" , "Stupid" or "Crazy".
Birthday - Star sign. That's all I am revealing for now.
Place of birth - In a hospital XD
Star sign - Leo...grr
Occupation - Professional procrastinator at your service.

Appearance -
Hair colour - Black. May or may not be dyed (the emo thing :D).
Hair length - It's weird on one side, cause I put it up in a side ponytail and hacked half of it off. So, um, diagonal XD
Best feature - My left eyebrow. It's beautiful. 
Braces - I might be getting them.
Piercings - Naah.
Tattoos - I want one of the TARDIS on my shoulder or something like that :D
Righty or lefty - Ambidextrous, but only when punching. Otherwise imma righty.

Firsts -
First best friend - Her name was Sarah. We never talked to each other again after kindergarten.
Award - Some music award for being a good little child.
Sport - Badminton. This is like, the only sport I'm actually good at.
Real holiday - I think Christmas.
Concert - Never been. Unless you count watching Pink live on TV.

Favourites -
Film -  Grown Ups (1 & 2), How to Train Your Dragon (1 & 2) Maleficent (1 & 2...jks, jks), Pitch Perfect
Colour - Tardis blue, blood red, and black.
Song - Deep Sea Girl by Hatsune Miku, Interviewer by Megurine Luka (those two are Japanese songs but still really catchy XD) and City Lights by Bridgit Mendler.
Restaurant - I don't care, as long as it has food.
Shop - If it has food or entertainment, I'm in!
Book - Currently, it's "The Forbidden Sea" by Sheila A. Nielson.
Magazine - Uh...don't know, don't really care all that much.
Shoes - My illuminati converse style shoes with "love" and "hate" doodled onto the tips.

Feeling - Hungry. And emo.
Single or taken -'ll have to be amazing to change that XD
Eating - An imaginary bowl of mango and bubblegum ice cream. Yum.
Listening to - City Lights by Bridgit Mendler.
Thinking about - My essay on "The Hobbit" that I must finish...euuugh.
Watching - My fingers fly over the keyboard.
Wearing - A pastel orange hoodie, and weirdly patterned leggings.

Future -
Want children - No, cause I really don't want to look after a baby while I'm struggling to pay my rent, on top of other things. I'll probably forget to feed it or something. 
Want to be married - Pfft...nobody could stay with me long enough. That's why they created divorces.
Careers in mind - Ice cream truck driver! Okay, I haven't really decided. I'm gonna go with that until I decide.
Where do you want to live - Japan! Anime and sushi...

Do you believe in...
God - No...sorry. Not religious.
Miracles - YES.
Love at first sight - Oh, god no. Please, spare me. You take one look at them and you fall in love? WHAT IF THEY'RE A PSYCHOPATH
Ghosts - Yes. 
Aliens - Ahem? Do I need to remind you that I WATCH DOCTOR WHO?!?!
Soul mates - least not for me.
Heaven - Eh. I like to think it's a happy place, that's all.
Hell - YES (emo).
Kissing on the first date - Uhm...really awkward question that I really don't want to think about, let's just say no.
Yourself - Not really.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Story

   **Note: Two posts in one day...hope I'm not overwhelming y'all. Even if the other one was short and was just about me screaming my head off about having 7 followers XD

I wrote a story. Tell me what you think.

In the distance stood two figures. One had the tough, muscular physique of a boy, and the other had the slim and curvy shape of a girl. As you watched, you could see them talking, no, something more than that. Bickering. Fighting, with their words. Their hurtful, venomous words. The boy reached out to her, but she recoiled. And she ran.

Into the woods.

The boy stared at the space when she had stood for a long time, and eventually, he too, ran, deep, deep, into the woods.

But perhaps it was too late, for they never came back.


"Chrys! Chrys, just...listen to me! Chrys!" I pleaded. She didn't listen, as usual. She never seemed to hear what I said, not when she was like this. "Chrys, look, I-"

"I'm not angry with you."

"You''re not?"

She said nothing in return, just sort of looked at me with her sad, sad, eyes. I couldn't tell what she was thinking in that head of hers. I chanced a peek at her face. Her soft brown hair, dyed blue at the tips. Her green eyes. Her perfect lips. God, it was so much to take in. Too much. "Chrys..." I breathed softly.

"I...have to go." she turned to leave, but I caught her hand. She looked at me expectantly.

"Nothing." I muttered, and let her hand fall. Before I knew it, she was gone.


Chapter(?) One, END.

So, I hope you enjoyed that. I might write another chapter. I might not. (I NEED A NAME FOR THE BOY WHO'S WITH CHRYS)


Achievement Unlocked: 7 Followers!


I know it seems like such a small number compared to all the other blogs out there, but at least it means that SEVEN people like (love) my blog!

Thank you to everyone who is currently in the Adipose Army (the followers XD)! And all my private followers. If I have any.

So yay! Thank you thank you thank you.


   *Sorry this was such a short post. Any ideas for the blog?

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Photography Skills

So, I went to //place name censored due to author's incredible paranoia of stalkers discovering her location//. And I was extremely bored. Like, seriously. What are you gonna do when your parents tell you to stop feeding popcorn to the ducks? Take a heap of photos, of course. Now, our family owns a pretty bad camera, and the pictures I took at night were not so fabulous. But //optimism// at least they look like something out of Doctor Who (in case you haven't noticed, I am a HUGE whovian). I have decided to share some of the photos...//cringes//

My friend Lily in mid-air.
The invasion of the ducks...I dropped a piece of popcorn.
I tried. I really did. But it looks a, for some reason. Meh.
I found a playground and the swings were free XD
I really like this picture. It's very peaceful.
The Disney Castle! Doctor Who style XD
One of the many clock towers that were there. I think it looks pretty cool from this angle. More Doctor Who...ehehe.
You can see a flag flying at the top. I think it adds a nice touch.
And that's it, ladies and gentlemen! Ignore the timestamp in the bottom right corner. I may not be the best photographer, but at least I had fun. Which photo was your favourite?