Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Rules of Truth or Dare

Hey everyone!

Recently, my friends and I have been playing Truth or Dare quite a lot. I don't feel like I need to explain this game, since it's very well known, but just in case you have no idea here is a short explanation I got off Wikipedia (here):
Truth or Dare? is a party game requiring two or more players. Players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully, or performing a "dare", both of which are set by the other players.
Usually there are a lot of limits to the game that people establish beforehand, stuff like dares can't be too inappropriate etc. The problem is that if you don't establish these rules before the game, things can get out of hand, and also people will find loopholes to your truths/dares and not do them properly. (Which, I can tell you, really sucks.)

So I thought I'd share the rules that my friends and I have agreed on (co-written by my good friend Nekuro), to make things generally easier when you play the game. Feel free to add or modify the rules to your liking, and also tell me what I should include in the comments!

Our games of Truth or Dare do allow inappropriateish dares, so if you're going to use these rules, I suggest you add something about inappropriate dares. Also, since it's the summer holidays for us, we're playing over Skype, so you should modify these to fit real-life games of Truth or Dare.

1) What is said in this game, without permission, cannot be revealed to any other people who were not in the current game of Truth or Dare.

2) Don't judge the victim's answers/don't hold it against them as it's probably just for the sake of the truth/dare.

3) Truths & Dares have to be done without question. (No exceptions)

4) #HAVEMERCY (for the other people involved in the dare, not for the victim)

5) You can't choose truth more than two times in a row.

6) Everytime you start a new game of Truth or Dare you must create a new group, unless the group already has the players in it already (and ONLY the players, no one else). [only applies if you're playing over Skype or Kik or another similar instant messaging software]

7) You must wait two minutes to tell the person/people it was a dare, or as soon as they come online if they are offline. For dares that involve group chats, you must wait for two minutes to reveal that it's a dare if someone replies within two minutes of the dare. If no one replies, you have to wait until someone replies to reveal that it's a dare. The current members involved in the truth or dare game when the dare was issued don't count as repliers.

8) If you forfeit (refuse to do the truth/dare), you must immediately leave the group.

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